Product Design Services

Industrial Product Design & Development Services

       Exact designs experienced Industrial Product design and Product development team in Pune, India. We understand how to strike the perfect balance between innovation, aesthetics and functionality. We have been helping companies develop successful products since 10 years with our industrial product design and product renders & development services.

We are a Leading Industrial Product Design & Development Services company Pune, India. We are really excited to serve you better with our best quality and on time delivery. We all are professionals with experience more then 8-10 years in Photo-realistic CG Modeling & Renders, product design, product renders & development.

Our Industrial Design & Development Services Include:

  1. Design requirement brief
  2. Design sketching to explore potential Concept Solutions
  3. 3D CAS concepts to better define concept
  4. Creation of brand elements such as logos, labels, graphics, colors and other aesthetic elements
  5. Creation of unique, professional product packaging and graphics and documentation
  6. Part color, finish, branding and materials specifications that give a product its WOW factor
  7. Image ‘Beauty Renders’ and animations of concepts that realistically depict the product and use

Industrial Product Design serviceWe provide you Advance services in following categories

  1. 3D Modeling (Nurbs, Solid, Polygon.)
  2. 2D Drafting
  3. 3D and 2D Conversion.
  4. Product Conceptulisation and Visualisation
  5. Architectural Visualisation
  6. Movie making (Short Movies, Corporate Movies, Product Animation.)
  7. Physical model Making (FRP, Clay, Thermocol, Wood Etc…)
  8. Photorealistic CG Renders
  9. 3d Liquid Simulations
  10. Portfolio building

We Love Working With Companies of All Sizes
From individuals, start-ups, small and medium-sized companies to international corporations, Exact Designs is here to support you in all your Industrial product design & product development needs the way to transform your ideas into reality.