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Automotive Design and Digital Sculpting Programmes…

It is one of the specialized field in Automotive industry. Exact Designs is one of the best leading Creative Automotive Design training Institute. Automotive design is no limited to only cars …It involves motorcycles, trucks, busses etc. It involves creating a product from all aspect of engineering, safety and from design point of view. It’s a team efforts between various creative talent within the industry. To make a best product as per customer requirement.

Automotive Design involves various departments / sub departments which have hundreds of people which make successful product design as per the Govt. norms and as per customer liking and requirements.

It all starts from Marketing and Product planning dept. Were you get the direction of the product to be made and for which market / country, expected cost and expected volume the company is planning for.

Then this is interpreted by Industrial design dept. to Design a product from aesthetic point of view till final prototype. Here automotive designer does the sketching, then this sketch is converted into clay model by clay modeller simultaneously CAS modelling is done in short surfacing of product is done on computer in 3D form. There are also graphic designers / Colour and trim designers who does graphic design for that particular product on computer in actual and finalize the colour, texture fabric for that particular product resp. All this activity is collectively done with engineering and product development department. Engineering person does all the engineering activity required for making that product reliable, full proof and from safety point of view. Product development dept does coordinate with vendors and look into the costing part of the product do that product is sticked to required cost as per plan.
This is just a short introduction about how product comes to market. Actually there are many dept /sub dept who comes into play. an eventually product is sent for manufacturing and into the market.

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Car Design Courses

What does an automotive designer do?

He  create concepts using free hand sketches and using this sketch he create Computer Aided Styling (CAS) and later Class-A Modelling for visual 3D Appearance of vehicle or product on computer. Commonly, Automotive Designer work in one of three areas – Exterior Design, Interior design and Trim design. Exterior designers sketch structures of what the outside of the vehicle should look like, Interior Automotive designers focus on making interior parts of automobile. He works on the instrument panel, seats, door trim panels, headliner, etc. Then convert them into digital 3D format and 1:1 size clay model of it to get the realistic full size feel of it.  Colour and Trim designer focus on research, design and development of colours and materials to be used on a vehicle. Which will suit the vehicle’s exterior and interior.

Course Duration: 6 Months (Weekdays and Weekends)

Batch Size: 8 Candidates

Who can do it : 

  • Any Aspirant Diploma, BE who want to get into product design and automobile stream.
  • Anybody with bit knowledge about manufacturing engineering processes can get into this.
  • Anybody who is passionate about product look, might be Automobiles, home appliance and many more products, where for you, its appearance matters…

Automotive Design Course Content:

  • Marketing and Research methods
  • Automotive Design Processes                            
  • Automotive Digital Design Process & Methods
  • Automotive Design Packaging / Engineering Aspects
  • Foundation training in CAS modelling
  • Form Generation Methods & Techniques in Clay or any other material available.
  • Car Build-1 using sketch
  • Car Build-2 using sketch
  • Introduction to Class-A Surfacing
  • Build surfaces using Scan Data
  • Reverse Engineering Methods
  • Portfolio Presentation
  • Final Evaluation and Jury

Automotive Design Career: 

Quite enhancing career as these kind of opportunities are quite new in India, and have very vast future for a creative passionate person with good growth…there is also a good scope and future with good pay package for person in abroad. Get your career growth with Automotive design courses.