Product and Transportation Design Sketching

Industrial product design, sketching & rendering Courses Pune

Product Sketching:

industrial product design coursesProduct Sketching is to make 2D and 3d sketch of some Product (Cars, motorcycle, washing machine and many more) with pencil, chalk, marker for visualization purpose. It is base for making more refine product and to more quickly used to communicate your ideas. It is used as a base to create a outline for making more realistic rendering with pencil or colours. It is also used as a base for 3d modeling purpose.

Syllabus for Basics course –  Course Duration – 1 Month.
basic for sketching line, Wave, Circle
basic sketching
Rough sketching and finishing
free sketching & shading free hand sketching
Object drawing seen object sketching and finishing
flowers, tree, house, bucket, etc
Geometric drawing Shapes- formation of square, circle, triangle & polygons
Perspective drawings one point Objects like table, chair, house etc
Syllabus for Advance course – Course Duration – 2 Month.
Sketching Rough sketching and finishing
conversion into features & parts
colour combination painting patterns & mixing
shapes and painting
Object shadings
Freehand drawing Freehand design
Letter writing capitals & small letters
scaling & lettering & shadings
Geometrical drawings polygons – inscribe and outside the circle
Engineering views & Isometric views
Product drawings Any objects, Automobiles & components
Perspective drawings one point and two point perspective